Wednesday, November 28, 2007


As I write this, it has been about three hours already since a group of soldiers led by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and Brigadier General Danilo Lim has walked out from their court hearing in Makati and proceeded towards Manila Peninsula Hotel where they apparently hoped to stage an EDSA IV.
Question: Will you Juan Tanga join them?
As of now, I do not see a great force of humanity trooping to Makati in the same frenzied manner thousands of Pinoys did in EDSA 1, 2 and 3.
Neither was there a surge of people to Oakwood Apartments when Trillanes again led his men to a short lived mutiny in 2003.
Back then, I had already lost faith in this guy when he chickened out and surrendered instead of fighting it out as his predecessors during past bloody coups under Senator Gringo Honasan have done before him.
Being from bloody Mindanao, we always believed in the Chavacano saying that if you've already got drenched in the rain, then you'd better take a bath. In short, one should finish what one had started. So Trillanes should have died with his boots on in 2003.
Instead, he dished his guns for his blabber mouth and ended up a politician.
With his supposed overwhelming electoral support getting to his head, he is now once again tempting and testing people's loyalty to support him in his unfinished quest in 2003 that achieved nothing but to get his low-ranking men imprisoned and separated from their families.
But will people come, as I write this, only a few did.
Why? People have already gone tired of all the EDSA peaceful revolutions in the past. Although I myself took part in EDSA 1 and 2, those bloodless coups always fell short of giving us the benefits which we have risked for in adding our warm bodies to the peaceful political movements.
We have all been short changed twice! In the end, we've realized that we have been used as pawns in a political musical chair that saw the replacement of old corrupt politicians with the new breed of far lethal and avaricious politicians. We only took part in the political orgy that saw political vultures replacing alligators.
Thus, the decision to go to Makati and take part in the EDSA ad nauseam is entirely up to you friends, but as for me, I'd rather pour out my time and energy in my own businesses and work hard to ensure my employees get their bonuses and 13th-month pays this Christmas.
As for Trillanes, the biggest Christmas gift he could offer his electorates is to finish his unfinished business in 2003 and shed blood for this country this time. Only then will I take part in a new bloodless coup to topple a corrupt and morally bankrupt Arroyo Administration.
It's about time Trillanes places his blood to where his mouth and balls are!

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