Monday, November 5, 2007

Public Service on the World Wide Web

You might have noticed that there have been changes in the way I defined the orientation and nature of my blog.
I have added a ground-breaking feature to my blog and that is: public service.
From here on, let be your on-line kuya. Let it be the site where you air out your cries for help, complaints and strong views on public and private matters needing attention.
It will specifically try to help you deal with corrupt and incompetent government offices that do not answer to our needs quickly and competently as it should. You can make it an electronic avenue where you can report and complain about bad services of key government or quasi-government corporations, including the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Labor, the Department of Public Works and Highways, Malacanang, the Department of Justices, the SSS, GSIS, BI and all other offices.
Let it also be an electronic site where you can also gripe about bad services of private corporations that do not deliver services you paid for, products bought, those that engage in schemes and scams and other similar mal-practices. Let this blog be your consumer complaint portal.
Likewise, let this blog be your aide or bridge to key officials and executives both in government and private sectors whose help you are soliciting. I will try to personally resolve your problems and concerns or tap broadcasters, reporters, and columnists to help us out. I will be your bridge to government and private individuals; and as well as members of the press, watchdog groups and non-government corporations.
Now you may ask why I have come to the decision of turning my blog into a public service forum, well the answer is simple – I just wanna help people who are dissatisfied with services dish out by out-of-reach government agencies and giant private corporations.
In fact, this motivation was what made me endure 20 years of pressure-filled work in journalism. I just want to empower the people considered small and negligible by the government and corporate giants. This is because like you, I too was – and still is – an insignificant speck in this universe. The only difference now is that my media work had given me direct access to key movers and shakers of society and as well as my media colleagues.
Normally, reporters like me who leave media end up writing hard-hitting columns in newspapers or go into broadcasting and television. Unfortunately, that is no longer the world I want to live in. I can no longer cope up with deadlines and pressures that make you feel you are living inside a pressure cooker. I also don't want other people censoring my views which are often controversial, frank and honest.
But then, the desire to serve remains strong.
So, I realized that the best avenue would be my blog. This way, I can write whatever I want, help whoever I want and write whenever I want to. Just the though of doing something new – a public service portal in the internet – feels me with lots of excitement and enthusiasm that had already left me in my old work in mainstream mass media.
Besides, there is no escaping public service because my exposure to customers at the Satti Grill House almost always end up with them asking me for help, saying that although I left media, the connections and influence I have remain. I get that a lot from people in Zamboanga City, Jolo, Siasi, Basilan and Tawi-Tawi who, like me, have ventured into this big city in search of greener pastures.
Thus, that brought me to the realization that although I have no newspaper column or radio or television programs to connect with those needing help, the satti blog would do just fine.
But since I am a still a one-man army, I would set some ground rules for those needing my help. For one, I will only receive complaints through this blog or the email access connected to it. Even if some of you already has my mobile phone or telephone numbers, I would still prefer you writing down your complain so that I can carefully dissect your problems. Please attach scanned documents or photos to give me a better picture of the problem you are facing.
Please refrain from calling or texting me because with no secretary to answer all your calls and texts, I may not be able to help you at all. Anyway, the feedback form you sign at the Satti Grill House show that many of you already have access to the internet.
And for those without internet connections, you may drop your letters or documents at the Satti Grill House outlets in SM Fairview or at our second branch to be opened this week in Padre Faura Corner M.H. Del Pilar Street, Manila.
For those needing my personal attention, I may announce in this blog specific time or days that I will be visiting my Satti Grill House so I can have audience with you.
So there you are, welcome to the first on-line public service program in the country. Feel free to tell your friends in the country and abroad about this kind of unique and trend-setting form of public service forum on the worldwide web!!!!
By the way, I have posted a picture of Zamboanga City's white sand beach of Bolong. I hope you like it.
Dios te bendiga (God bless you).

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