Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Satti now in MH del Pilar in Manila

Satti is here to stay.
Yes! my fellow satti lovers, we are not yielding our post in SM Fairview, win or lose. It's so hard to get into SM because the waiting time is two years, but since they liked our unique food concept, they approved our application in less than three months.

So if SM sees much promise in satti, so do we. Besides the words of encouragement we got from you all emboldened us to give it a go at SM for a year more! So my friends Paul and Arlene Farol, rest assure satti will stay in SM until there are people like you.

Besides, our initial losses came not from the fact that people don't like satti, but it's more because we made some serious mistakes in running the food business, which is alien to me and my wife Ann.

You see I come from the journalism profession and my wife came from the car business (we have used car outlets in EDSA, Quezon City and Zamboanga) and this is our first venture in the food business. But those initial losses in SM are worth it because we learned so much from them. Thus, we have done changes that really improved sales in Satti Grill House in December.

For one, we have hired really world-class cooks who concocted new products that have now become best sellers. They include pusit stuffed with vegetables, hito and many other food items that get people coming back for more.

So inspired are we by these developments that we have put back in place our expansion plans, something we have temporarily shelved after incurring huge loses in SM.

Last November, we opened our second Satti Grill House in MH del Pilar corner Padre Faura, Manila and sales there have been increasing due to strong patronage from people in Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi and Zamboanga City. The best thing is that place is opened for 24 hours so you could have your boiling-hot satti very early in the morning or very late at night. We also deliver in areas near M.H. del Pilar and you may call up the place at at tel. 3826462 for orders.

So you see, our faith in satti remains strong and this is because of you all.

Again, thanks a lot and Happy New Year!!!