Saturday, October 13, 2007

Satti is Worth the Sacrifice
I have a good news and a bad news.
The good news is that me and my wife Ann have decided to speed up the spread of Satti in Metro Manila by supplying it to the restaurants of our trusted friends in Quezon City.
Last Thursday, we started making satti available at the Razhev's Favorites in their outlet at the Timog Food Plaza, Corner of Timog Avenue and Scout Tuazon Road, Quezon City.
Next week, satti will be available at the Razhev's outlet at IBP Road, Batasan Hills and is just in front of the House of Representatives. Razhev's is owned by fellow journalist Rey and Venus Requejo. Razhev's specialty is their mouth-watering bulalo.
On Monday, satti will start to be served at the Green House Restaurant in Matalino Street, Quezon City. It's near Sulo Hotel, the Tree House and Trelis Restaurants. The place is owned by former Comelec Commissioner Mejol and Nilda Sadain.
Thus, the good news is that satti will be closer to those who love it enough to make the long trip to our Satti Grill House outlet in SM-Fairview.
The bad news is that with this move, we are practically giving up the monopoly of the secret Jimmy's satti ingredient that have acquired through five years of negotiations with some family members.
We must be the worse businessmen to be giving up total control of the spread of satti. But then we are not just businessmen, we are social entrepreneurs – we believe money should not be the sole motive for business and there should be a social dimension to it.
And our social cause is to showcase satti as the best indication that Muslims and Christians do live in peace in Mindanao and that they even share the same kind of food. Come to think of it, satti is really a merging of the best in Arabian and eastern taste and the mix of original Chavacano flavor – so east and west merges in satti.
We also want to show that there is more to Zamboanga City, Sulu, Basilan and Tawi-Tawi than wars and that these places are full of cornucopia of yet undiscovered exotic cuisine. Verily it's not a land or promise, but a land of surprise – you'll be surprise by its beauty, food and people.
Likewise, through satti, we are happy and contend with the thought that we are helping the cause of peace and progress in Mindanao by pulling out Christian and Muslim relatives from poverty and war and giving them work here and hopefully help them get a good education.
So, what's important to us now is we spread the taste of satti faster by sharing it to friends.
Yes, we are crazy businessmen. But we also believe that if you do good first, profit – perhaps (and we pray) – will follow. (By the way, the picture you see above is of anchorpersons Aljo Bendejo, Bobby Yan, among others, during their simulcast shows at Channels 4, 9, 13 and where satti was featured recently).

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